My Story

My Story

Passion and courage

The beginning of a path to Business Consultancy

Looking back, my work ethic has always been pretty strong. I started working at Tingley Bar Fisheries in Morley at the age of thirteen and it gave me such a sense of achievement, the satisfaction of earning my own money and it was here that I began pushing myself to be the best I can be.

A lead into management.

In 1997 I started work at a large supermarket chain, I started at the bottom and worked my way up to management. At that time, female managers were a rarity and I had to develop a thick skin to cope with the stigma, but if anything, it just pushed me harder. At age 20 I was invited to move to Scotland to further my career even more, although leaving everything I knew at such a young age was a little concerning. However, I knew that it would give me so many more opportunities. I learned so much about troubleshooting, marketing and advertising, recruitment, customer service and the processes behind new store openings. All of this gave me a great foundation for my business career.

Into the Jewellery trade.

After 9 years I decided to further my passion for business and joined a jewellery company. I didn’t know anything about jewellery but I listened and loved learning something new every day, absorbing everything that was going on around me. Although it wasn’t easy, I really was in my element and it never really felt like work. I mean, every girl loves diamonds!

Going for it on my own.

My career up until that time was working with large companies, but I kept seeing posts on groups about struggling small businesses and I knew I could help. I saw a way the knowledge I had gained in big business could be transferred to local smaller companies. Soon I began working with local companies, sharing my experience. I showed them how to successfully advertise on Facebook and in 6 months I had branched out to helping with logo design and websites, giving up my time to help local businesses thrive. I was raising awareness of the local business in my area while teaching my children the importance of shopping locally, appreciating the little man.

An important belief of mine is that fear has no place in business, you have to be brave and take risks.


And now I want to teach you how being fearless in your approach, will pay off in your business progression.

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Louise Greenwood, Business Consultant, Business Coach, Marketing, Branding,
West and North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce, Proud Member