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Date: September 9, 2018
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Taking the bull by its horns

My personal review on Tiffany at SXEFIT, she is She-Ra the Princess of Power.

8 weeks ago I decided to make some big changes in my life. Smoking was the main one, eating better was another and exercise. I am really lucky in my job, I get to work with some truly amazing business owners.

My story, I have suffered with thyroid problems for years, the last two years have been the worst.
Hair falling out, weight gain, really not happy in my self, as a mother to 3 children I never had the time to think about me or even take the time out for my self.

My middle daughter suffered with her first period last year, which was awful and have never experienced anything like it before. for 8 months we were in and out of hospital. she lost who she was, couldn’t eat, no energy what so ever, always sleeping, loads of time off school.

I met Tiffany from SXEFIT when we was having a meeting about social media, as a mother I was drained seeing my child in so much pain and I couldn’t do anything to help. Tiffany was amazing with my daughter, talking about foods and looking at exercise. My daughter really took to Tiffany and was inspired by her, you know yourself as a parent (doesn’t matter what you say to your children they don’t listen to you) but my daughter really took on board everything Tiffany was saying.
What I like about Tiffany is she makes it simple and to the point for a child to understand.
My daughter looks up to Tiffany as a great role model.

Now fast forward to 16th July 2018 was when I made some pretty big decisions and who else was I going to get to help me? of course Tiffany SXEFIT.

Stop Smoking
Eating the right foods

Tiffany had my back and a plan in place. (she is my hero)

Online membership for £25 per month, which is perfect for me. I can work out at home any time. Now before you even start thinking why can’t she just go to a class, well peeps this is why I run my own business, plus help my daughter’s business, look after 2 children, run a house etc. Its not easy! Its better than sitting on the sofa watching the crap on TV. I have my online membership so I started working out 3 hours per week. Now I work out 5 nights a week.

Personal Trainer

1 PT per week for 6 weeks
Diet plan

From day one I took everything on board that Tiffany was saying, My diet plan was easy and as the weeks when on, with Tiffany’s help it was taking things out and adding things in.

What was great about this was in my ULTIMATE GOALS I put I wanted to set a good example to my children and boy I have being doing just that.
The food diet has not only changed my life but its also helped my children with food too.

I worked so hard for the first 6 weeks, you also have to remember I stopped smoking, (you gain weight when stopping smoking)
In my first 6 weeks I lost 3% body fat and 4 and a half inches of my waist.

I was happy when Tiffany told me what I’d lost.

I loved it so much in the first 6 weeks and now I’m doing another 6 weeks training.

Tiffany what can I say, you inspired me to do the best I could do and you never let me fail. You pushed me because you knew I could do it.
This amazing lady didn’t just help me, she helped my daughter and thousands of women to achieve their short and long-term goals.

To mother’s of teenage daughter’s, If your daughter is struggling, not eating, having trouble with periods, no energy etc GET IN TOUCH with Tiffany from SXEFIT SHE IS SIMPLY THE BEST.

To women of the world, If you’re unhappy with how you as a person, need help with weight or like me need a kick up arse, CONTACT TIFFANY at SXEFIT

Louise greenwood


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