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Proven Solutions For Career Development, Troubleshooting, Social Media and Marketing

Do you always feel like your chasing sales to make your business growth?

Well, I believe that business growth is about more than driving sales. It is about creating an online presence that cannot be ignored; a reputation that has clients returning to you time and again. There most definitely isn’t a one size fits all strategy for business growth, and I am dedicated to providing you with bespoke solutions that will help your company grow to its fullest potential.

Struggling to find focus?

In order to grow you need to know where you are going, but it is not always easy. My troubleshooting service offers a neutral perspective on your problems. I will sit down with you and break down your business, identifying issues within your current processes and propose an actionable plan to regain your focus.

My passion is helping other small business owners grow and develop their own way. I listen to you and your needs, working with you to create a plan that is manageable for you and your business. No business is the same and therefore neither should the solution to your problems be.

Louise Greenwood, I Will, Business Consultant

Career Development

Together we will develop a plan to improve your career, whether you are part of a company or working as a freelancer. Business growth requires, you to grow, your confidence and your goals first.

My solutions in career development are tried and tested, providing an actionable plan to expand your business and release your potential.


My experience and knowledge of troubleshooting means that I can spot the problems that are standing in the way of your business growth. As an outsider it can be easier for me to see this problems than yourself.

I will investigate your problem areas and provide you with solutions which will increase your success and allow you to use your growth plan.

Social Media

As a social media marketing specialist, I know exactly how to get your business successfully seen online. I will audit your current status, and together we will create a complete social media marketing plan, across all the main social media platforms.

The marketing plan will be tailored specifically with your business growth and goals in mind.

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