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 Let me ask you something before we go any further?

  • Do you feel like you are putting your all into your business but getting no results?
  • Business goals seeming further and further away, every day?
  • Tried different tactics, followed advise from friends and still not hitting that turning point in your business?
  • Feel like you have little support to make that difference and stand out from the crowd?


Business growth is about more than simply driving sales; being creative and fearless in all areas is crucial if you want to generate a well-rounded and future proofed strategy to grow your company.

But how?

I am Louise Greenwood, an experienced business growth consultant who will show you how, with a few simple changes, your business can become as successful as you want it to be. My tried and trusted solutions will help you overcome obstacles that might get in your way and see your company outperforming even your own imagination.

I will give you a range of proven marketing techniques to take you to the next level of business, as well as strategies in career development and troubleshooting which will ensure your business is ready for success. More than that, I will support you as you apply this marketing techniques, and help you find the perfect mix to build the business of your dreams.


Smash those stumbling blocks

Working together to identify those obstacles, I will help you prioritise the ones that are standing in the way of growth. Whether it is a psychological fear, the need for business connections, or just uncertainty of the direction to go.

During our consultations, I will help you dig deep to discover what it is creating those stumbling blocks.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ technique to help businesses grow. Each business requires a different approach, and I will spend the time with you to discover which technique suits your business. Taking my experience in a variety of industries, I will not only select the techniques that will work for you, but be stood by your side as you implement them.

A business coach, a mentor and most importantly a friend!

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Want to get your business growing, and remove those stumbling blocks that are holding you back?
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What My Clients have to say...

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About Me...

Starting work at the age of 13 in Tingley Bar Fisheries I learnt a pretty strong work ethic, discovered the feeling achievements give you, and satisfaction in knowing the money in my bank was earned through hard work. From those lowly roots I took the necessary steps within a number of industries to reach management level in a supermarket, before switching to a jewellery store as a new challenge. My desire to help others, and the skills I have learnt helped me through my journey creating Louse Greenwood Business Consultant, and I LOVE what I do. Helping small businesses thrive, encouraging the shop local initiative and appreciating the little man that supports our economy. I can not wait to also help you!

Case Studies...

Bubble and squeak, Leeds, Louise Greenwood

Bubble and Squeak

Bubble and Squeal are a cleaning firm which came to me after they decided they were in need of a successful Business Consultant. With seven hundred likes and one hundred reviews on their Facebook page, they were still struggling to increase their client base.

I demonstrated to them techniques to increase their exposure and offered some minor alterations. After making the alterations to their page and utilising my solutions they have now doubled their page likes and are expanding into other areas.

They have shown that having a quality, reliable product and courage in your marketing techniques will lead to more sales. It has been a fantastic experience to see their business grow so quickly.

AD Autocare

I met Andy when my old banger broke down. He was so patient with me and I was impressed with his work, so wanted to help him get the word out. I gave him some help with his marketing plan, and Local Businesses for Morley helped him to create a Facebook page and a logo.

The business has now grown and he is leading the way in auto care in his area.

I’m very proud to have been part of his journey.

AD Autocare, Louise Greenwood, Business Consultant
Jules Event Styling, Balloons by Jules, Louise Greenwood, Business Coach

Baloonz by Jules

Jules came to me looking for a Business Consultant to further her business, and help guide her to reach carefully chosen goals. Firstly, we agreed that Social Media awareness was the most important project and in the space of four guided weeks the Baloonz Facebook page went from page four on Google results to page two.

Jules now understands much more about the process of Facebook marketing and is looking forward to taking that a step further into Instagram and Twitter.

She is an incredible lady and I am impressed away by her results in such a short time.

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Want to get your business growing, and remove those stumbling blocks that are holding you back?
Book your appointment with me today and lets get started!